The Kenilworth Adventure Children’s Playground is located in the main street, just across the road from the Cheese Factory.

It offers a diverse range of playground equipment that is a little out of the usual suburban playground standard, has a selection of lawns, trees, barbecues, seating areas, toilets and drinking water facilities.

Our children when younger loved an afternoon visit to the playground, followed of course by an ice-cream from the cheese factory across the road.

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Open most days for dinner and lunch too on weekends. This is quite new to town and we haven’t tried it yet…. but the local grapevine says they are good, so worth a try.

petrol station
We buy our petrol and diesel here, tyres, mechanical service, car bits and it is also the local RACQ station, so if in trouble locally this is where the RACQ service will be dispatched from. They also have cold drinks, milk (last place open on most days) and some snack foods.

This is our local produce/hardware/pet palace and gardening store. My best buy here has been rubber shoes that are like gumboots, but they are low cut. Great for slushy wet conditions and only $40ish. Staff very friendly and if they don’t have what you are looking for… they will suggest where to find it or get it in for you.

Kenilworth is a 1 pub town and does not disappoint with great counter lunches and dinners at reasonable prices

March 2015 080
Another local agent, with good old fashioned local service. Always fun to browse the window and it was here that we found River Oaks.

March 2015 071

Local agent focusing on the local market. We bought Whispers from here… window shopping while on a camping trip in the state forest…and have never looked back. Thinking of a lifestyle change…great place to start.

March 2015 069
This is my favourite store in town, and in the absence of Bunnings and a department store… I have found many items here that I have needed on the weekend for various chores and projects. In addition to new and second hand clothing, they have quite a range of bits and pieces for camping, jewellery, hats, rags, firewood, fertiliser bags, jars, linen, towels, blankets, crockery and cutlery and more. Forgot the can opener on your picnic…you are sure to find one here. I have picked up evening gowns for $9 and t-shirts for 50c



March 2015 068
I think it is now $5 per load and you need $1 coins. I usually find the vending machine in the Keno lounge a good place to pick up coin if you need to do a few loads. There is an extra large tumble dryer for wet days and plenty of washing machines.